Competence and safety

Since 1929 MENKE is one of the most experienced brands of commutators in the world.
Especially with our asien partnership
MENKE COM-TEC offers an attractive price-performance ratio.
Menke is the competent, flexible and innovative commutator partner to ensure productive solutions for your business in the context of ever-shortening development times and product life cycles.
The Company specializes in the design of single bar moulded commutators.
MENKE's aim is to provide uncompromisingly high-quality products and services to all its partners.






The best ist often not good enough for MENKE

We constantly strive for better solutions in our field of expertise. We do so by working very closely with our suppliers and customers.
For Menke commutators only the very best materials which are certified to relevant standards, such as silver-bearing oxygen-free electrolytic copper, advanced thermosetting moulding compounds, mica-based foils for top commutator insulation, strong reinforcement rings of steel and glasroving, steel or brass bushings is imperative.
In line with its customers' demands, MENKE is able to supply commutators on a just-in-time basis all over the world. We have considerable experience in supply chain management.
MENKE commutators reach their high standard of excellence because of the company's highly skilled and experienced knowhow. We are commited to improving our business and maintain a Quality Management system.
MENKE COM-TEC is able to provide after-sales services which results in the continued development and improvement of our products, and logistic and communication as well.
Through many years of providing this service, we frequently go on providing innovative solutions to a wide range of possible production problems of our customers.
We have confidence in our skills and knowledge. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.